Henrix Papillons

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 Picture left - What shall we do now?



2nd Vaccinations and Vet checks all done and no problems.

Ring Craft starts next week.

Triple trouble out in the big wide world very soon

See Rolo on his own page

RED (on left in photo above)
Now in a super pet home with other papillons
ROCKY aged 12 weeks - Living with 2 other toy dogs in a lovely pet home
ROLO aged 12 weeks - Staying with us
Puppies 9 weeks old

Left is Red with Rolo

Right is Rocky

The puppies are becoming very pretty little papillons. All love running in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

Left is Rolo, above is Red dashing around and right is Red with his mum.

1st vaccinations done and all puppies passed vet checks

Picture above and left - puppies 26 days old and on the move!
Puppies 7 weeks old
Puppies are now 7 weeks old and all are very pretty.

They love their food, especially chicken and mince mixed with their kibble.

All love to dash around and chase each other.

The puppies are gradually mixing with the other papillons and enjoy a run in the garden.

Vaccinations will be done soon and then time for the wider world.

Puppies 5 weeks old
Our litter for 2013 has arrived.

Sire: Bryn Terfel of Ringland ShCM      Dam: Lorah's Girls Aloud at Henrix JW ShCM

We are delighted to welcome three new Henrix boys! Follow their progress on this page and watch them grow into beautiful papillons.


Picture above taken when the puppies were a week old.

Picture right at 11 days and growing fast!

Photo left is Red, the largest in the litter.

He is going to have beautiful red markings and is very active.

This photo was taken at just 12 days old.

His eyes are just about to open.

Sleepy Puppies

Left is Red

Right from top to bottom,




Puppies are now 3 weeks old and starting to eat proper puppy food.

Photo left is Rolo.

He opened his eyes on day 12 and is always looking for his mum!

Nose and lips changing colour now.

He is going to be a handsome boy!


Photo right is Rocky, the smallest in the litter.
(Named after a little one that lost his fight for life)

He was just 99gms at birth and we were a little worried about him.

However he is very strong and doing well.

Eyes  open on day 12, 'hello little fighter'.