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Jon - below is Jon's show puppy. We went to Poland to collect him. In the photo he was 4 months old, now he is older he is starting his show career with Jon handling at most shows.

See Lennox on his own page and the Show page.



About Us

The Henrix Show Team consists of myself, Sue, and my son Jon. My daughter Laura helps out at shows when Jon is not available.

We have been showing since 2006 at Open and Championship level. Jon and I both handle the dogs and enjoy our days out at the shows.

Henry, our first papillon came to live with us in 2004. Next came Pumpkin as a friend for Henry.

After a while we decided to try dog showing and took Pumpkin to a couple of fun shows.

We had been bitten by the 'show bug' and fallen in love with papillons.

Our first Ringlands dog joined us in 2006, Ringlands Rhythm and Dance with Henrix, Penny. Penny has given us 3 lovely puppies, one at a time! Poppy, Smartie and Mia.

In the meantime we added two beautiful boys, Bentley and Bryn, to our pack.

The gorgeous Twiglet joined us on Valentines day 2009. She was born to show and loves showing off in the ring.

There are various pictures of the local area on this page.

Having suffered from panic attacks and agoraphobia for over 25 years Papillons changed my life. Before having dogs I was unable to go out much and for many years was virtually housebound. I always refused to take medication believing there must be another option.
After getting my first papillon, Henry, in 2004, my life began to change. When Penny, our first Ringlands show bitch, joined us life really did change. One day I found myself in the show ring and have never looked back! It was a struggle just to get to shows for a long time but it is easier now.
Imagine how pleased I was with myself when Bentley was placed at Crufts in 2008. Showing is far from easy for me but because the focus is on the dog and not me I am almost enjoying being in the ring now!
If I am not very chatty at shows you know the reason so please don't think I am being unfriendly. There are lots of photos on this web site to remind me on a daily basis what I have achieved and to motivate me to continue.

Update 2012

In November 2011 Jon and I went to Poland, flying to Berlin and then driving right across Poland to Gdansk to see a puppy. Then returning in January to collect the puppy, driving to Paris via Le Shuttle, then flying to Munich and on to Gdansk. The return journey was fun with Lennox!

I have achieved so much since getting the dogs and now I am able to travel the world - who knows where I will go next............seems it was Russia! Now we have a pretty Russian phalene.


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