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Bentley VHC Graduate Crufts 2008
Bentley waiting his turn at Crufts 2008
Bentley takes VHC in Graduate Crufts 2008
2008 will be our second full season of showing. We still have much to learn and appreciate all the help from others at the shows. Bentley continues to do well, gaining his Sh. CM in January 2008.

We are concentrating on our young dogs -  Bryn Terfel of Ringland, Bryn, and, our home bred dog, Henrix Dancing Snowflake, Smartie. Both have been placed at Championship Shows and in the Group at Open Shows. Bryn awarded Best Puppy Dog at Paignton Championship Show 2008.

 Bentley qualified for Crufts 2008 and was awarded VHC in his class of 19 dogs.

Bentley, Bryn  and Smartie have all qualified for Crufts 2009.

Bryn at his first show
Henrix Dancing Snowflake 2nd MPD and PD Richmond Champ Ssow 2008





BOB Papillon Ashford Faversham & Dist Jan 2008
1st Open Pap, BOB, G3, Ashford Faversham & Dist Jan 2008
1st Open Papillon Ashford Faversham & Dist Jan 2008
Bentley wins BOB and G3, 3rd in the Toy Group, at Ashford, Faversham & Dist. CS Open Show Jan 2008.

Bentley 1st Open Papillon Class. Poppy 2nd Junior Papillon Class.

A great start to the New Year.

Bentley 1st Open Papillon Bucks Show Jan 2008
Bentley wins Open Papillon Class at Buckinghamshire CS Open Show. A very good quality entry. Poppy 3rd in Junior Class.

Congratulations to Red Bequest Ur Ringlands, Bentley takes Best of Breed at Dover and Deal Open Show Jan 2008. 1st in Open Papillon.

This win gives him his Sh. CM (Show Certificate of Merit).

A fabulous start to the New Year and a big thank to everyone who has helped and supported us. Thanks also to Pat Munn for letting us have such a lovely dog. On a personal note a big thank you to my son Jon. Without his help none of this would have been possible.

Bentley 1st open & BOB Dover & Deal Jan 2008
Bentley BOB Dover & Deal Jan 2008
Red bequest Ur Ringlands Sh CM, Bentley.
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Bentley First Open Papillon, BOB, Dover & Deal Jan2008
Picture Left.

Red Bequest Ur Ringlands Sh. CM

January 2008

Bentley 1sr Open, BOB Cichester & Dist Open Show Jan 2008
Chichester Jan 2008
Bentley does it again! Best of Breed at Chichester & Dist C.S. Open Show Jan 2008. 1st Open Papillon. Poppy Reserve in Junior Papillon.
24th Feb 2008. Bryn, now 6 months old, entered his first show today was placed 4th out of 8 in Junior Papillon Class. A very good result for his first time in the show ring. See picture right.
Bentley BOB and G3 Romford & Dist CS March 2008
What a day for Team Henrix at Romford & District Open Show March 2008!

Bentley takes the BOB, 29 Papillons entered, and goes on to get G3, 3rd in Toy Group. Bentley 1st in Open Papillon. Bryn gets Reserve in Junior Papillon, 10 entries and Poppy takes the VHC, also in Junior Papillon Class.

Bentley BOB and G3, Bryn Reserve and Poppy VHC Romford March 2008

Our first time at Crufts and Bentley is awarded VHC (5th) in Graduate Dog Class, out of 19 dogs. Judge Mr G Urquhart.

A very exciting day for Team Henrix and one we shall always remember.

Bentley really enjoyed walking on the green carpet!

The video of Bentley  strutting his stuff is on YouTube and can be viewed  using the link below.

Jon & Bentley Crufts 2008
The night before Crufts Bentley choosing his bed!
Crufts benching area
Bentley shortlisted in graduate at Crufts 2008
Bentley BOB and !st Open, Bryn 2nd Puppy and Reserve AV Toy puppy Woolwich Mar 2008
Well done Team Henrix. Bentley awarded BOB, Best of Breed, at Woolwich, Bexley & Dist. Open Show March 2008. 1st in Open Papillon.

Bryn 2nd in Papillon Puppy and Reserve in AV Toy Puppy. A good result after 24 hours of rain and thanks to Laura for helping while Jon suns himself in Portugal!

Bryn BOB and BPIB at Chippenham April 2008
Bryn BOB,BPIB and 1st Grad Papillon. Bentley RBOB and 1st Open Papillon Chippenham April 2008
Bryn BOB and BPIB Chippenham
Congratulations to Bryn, his first Best of Breed, BOB, and, Best Puppy in Breed, BPIB,  at Chippenham & Dist Open Show April 2008. Bentley RBOB, Reserve Best in Breed. Bryn 1st in Graduate Papillon and Bentley 1st in Open Papillon.
Bryn PG2, Best AVNSC Toy Puppy and 1st Junior AVNSC Toy IOW Open Show April 2008
Jon and Bryn IOW April 2008
Bentley 1st Open AVNSC Toy, Reserve Solent Toy Stakes IOW April2008
Bryn PG2, Best AVNSC Toy Puppy, 1st Junior AVNSC, Bentley 1st Open Toy AVNSC and Reserve Solent Toy Stakes
Another exciting day for Team Henrix. At the Isle of Wight C.A.Open Show April 2008  Bryn awarded Best AVNSC Toy Puppy and goes 2nd in the Toy Puppy Group, PG2. 1st in AVNSC Toy Junior. Bentley 1st in Open AVNSC Toy. Bentley also Reserve in the Solent Toy Stakes, 20 in class. Pictures of our day below.
Sue and Bryn on the Ferry April 2008

Good Show Bentley. Bentley wins Open AVNSC Toy at Woking C.S. Open Show April 2008. (8 in class). This gives Bentley his 9th open class win already this year.

The Spinnaker Tower from the IOW Ferry
Docking back at Portsmouth
Bentleyon the IOW Ferry April 2008

Team Henrix did really well at WELKS Championship Show. Despite the early start Bentley awarded Reserve in Post Graduate Dog and Bryn VHC in Minor Puppy Dog, his first Championship Show. April 2008.


WELKS 2008
South of England Agricultural Show May 2008
A lovely warm day at the South of England Agricultural Show, May 2008. Bryn wins Puppy Class and Poppy the Graduate Class.
Bentley awarded RBOB, Reserve Best of Breed.
Bryn takes BPIB, Best Puppy in Breed. Bryn goes forward to the Puppy Group and is awarded 3rd in the Toy Puppy Group, PG3. An exciting end to the day.
Bryn PG3, 3rd in Toy Puppy Group Sof E Agricultural Show 2008
Poppy 1st Graduate S of E Agricultural Show 2008
Bryn Toy Puppy Group 3rd, S of E Agricultural Show may 2008
Sutton May 2008
Sutton Dog Show Society Open Show, May 2008.  Another good result for Team Henrix.  Bryn is awarded BPIB, Best Puppy in Breed.  Bryn 1st in Papillon Puppy Class. A very cold and windy day at Ardingly and Bryn's first show on grass.

Bryn was having so much fun in the puppy group ring he forgot how to walk! Bentley will have to give him some more lessons!

Bryn BPIB at Sutton Show May 2008
Bryn 3rd in Novice Dog , Bath Championship Show 2008
Penny handled by Jon, Bath 2008
Bath Championship Show 2008.

Well done Bryn 3rd in Novice Dog.

A really nice day out. Good venue and well organised despite the thunderstorm. Penny's first championship show since having puppies. Lovely to see her back in the ring and enjoying herself.
Picture right of Jon and Penny in action!

Southern Counties Champ Show May 2008
Bryn May 2008
Penny and Jon May 2008
Southern Counties Championship Show - Bentley awarded VHC in Post Graduate Dog ( 15 in class )

First time at Southern Counties and a very enjoyable day out. Bryn still needs more lessons from Bentley so he can walk nicely on the grass!

Bentley VHC Suothern Counties Champ Show may 2008
Bentley VHC Post Grad Dog Southern Counties 2008
Our new web master updating results!
Christchurch Open Show June 2008.

Another good day for Team Henrix.

Bentley takes RBOB, Reserve Best of Breed and BOS, Best Opposite Sex.  1st Open Papillon.

Penny takes 2nd in Graduate Papillon and Bryn 2nd in Junior Papillon.

Smartie does really well on his show debut - Reserve in AV Toy Puppy, 8 in class. He walked nicely and stood really well. A little more practice on the table is needed.

Bentley 1st Open Papillon Christchurch June 2008,Also RBOB and BOS
Smartie looking good at his first show!
Christchurch Open Show June 2008 Bentley 1st Open Papillon, RBOB and BOS. Penny 2nd Graduate Papillon, Bryn 2nd Junior Papillon, Smartie reserve AV Toy Puppy.
Smartie reserve av toy puppy at his first show June 2008
Bryn 3rd in puppy dog at Three Counties Champ Show 2008
Three Counties Championship Show June 2008.

Congratulations to Bryn Terfel Of Ringlands, Bryn, 3rd in Puppy Dog and Crufts Qualified for 2009.

Lots of practice walking on the grass has paid off. Also Bentleys tips have helped Bryn!

Well done little Bryn. Looking forward to showing you at Crufts next year.


Bryn 3rd in Puppy dog, Three Counties Champ Show 2008
Bryn wins Junior Papillon Class Poole June 2008
Junior Pap Class result Poole 2008, Bryn 1st.
Bryn - Best Puppy in Breed at Poole Open Show 2008
Poole Open Show 22nd June 2008.

Well done Bryn, Best Puppy in Breed at Poole. BPIB.

Bryn 1st Junior Papillon.

Bryn 1st Junior Pap and BPIB Poole 2008
Windsor 2008 Bentley VHC Post Grad
Bryn VHC Puppy Dog Windsor Champ Show 2008
Bentley VHC PG Dog, Bryn VHC Puppy Dog, Smartie VHC Minor Puppy Windsor 2008
Windsor 2008 Smartie enjoys his day! VHC Minor Puppy Dog
 Windsor Championship Show.

Smartie VHC in Minor Puppy Dog.            (7 in class)

Bryn VHC in Puppy Dog.                           (11 in class)

Bentley VHC in Post Graduate Dog.      (13 in class)

After the show we all had a walk by the Thames, avoiding the swans!

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Smartie 1st AVNCS Toy puppy, Toy puppy group 1, Kent County Aug 2008
Smartie 'on the move' in the challenge for Best Puppy in Show
Did I win the group mum?
Smartie at 8 months
Smartie Best AVNSC Toy Puppy and Puppy Group 1, Kent 2008
Kent County CA Open Show August 2008

Smartie wins Toy Puppy group 1

Best AVNSC Toy Puppy.
1st AVNSC Toy Puppy.

Bryn 3rd AVNSC Toy Post Grad and Bentley 3rd AVNSC Toy Open.

An exciting day and the first time in Best in Show ring for Smartie. He was a little overwhelmed by the occasion and rather tired but did very well overall.




The Stag Gate Charborough Estate on the way to Weymouth
Dorset C.C.S. Open Show December 2008

Well done little Smartie, Henrix Dancing Snowflake.

1st Toy AVNSC Special Yearling.

An  enjoyable trip to Weymouth ending with the doggies having some fun time on the beach!

Some different photos today!

Smartie, on the beach, 1st Special Yearling AVNSC Toy Dorset CCS Open Show Dec 2008
Crystal Palace C.A. Open Show November 2008
(not on the group system)

Another great day for Team Henrix and some delicious chocolates given as prizes. 14 Papillons entered.

Red Bequest Ur Ringlands awarded Best of Breed. 1st Open Papillon.

Henrix Dancing Snowflake awarded Best Puppy in Breed. 1st Junior Papillon.

Bryn Terfel of Ringland 2nd Post Graduate Papillon.

Sue, Bryn, Bentley and Smartie on Weymouth Beach December 2008
Jon and Bentley going to the beach, Weymouth Dec 2008
Bentley BOB, Smartie BPIB, Bryn 2nd  PG Pap Crystal Palace Nov 2008
Bentley BOB Crystal Palace Nov 2008
Smartie BPIB Crystal Palace Nov 2008
Smartie 1st Junior Papillon, and BPIB Crystal Palace Nov 2008
Bryn RBOB, 1st Post Grad Pap Reading 2008
Reading K.A. Open Show November 2008

Bryn Reserve Best Of Breed

1st Junior Papillon

Good show little Bryn.



Bentley 1st open papillon, and BOB, Crystal Palace Nov 2008
Poole Nov 2008 Smartie Puppy Group 2
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Poole Nov 2008 Bentley in Group Challenge
Poole Open Show November 2008

Henrix Dancing Snowflake takes Toy Puppy Group 2
also Reserve Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed.

1st Post Graduate Papillon (aged 11 months)

Congratulations to little Smartie!

Red Bequest Ur Ringlands awarded Best of Breed.
1st Open Papillon.

Well done Bentley.

Bryn Terfel Ringland 2nd Open Papillon. Looking good Bryn!

A lovely day and a very well organised show with the usual very pretty rosettes! Looking forward to the next show being a little nearer to home.

Poole 2008 Bryn 2nd Open Papillon shown by Jon
Smartie at Poole 2008  Toy Puppy Group 2, BPIB and RBOB
Stonehenge taken on the way back from Poole Open Show Nov 2008
Poole Nov 2008 Toy Puppy Group 2, BOB, RBOB 1st Open, 1st Post Grad, a clean sweep for Henrix paps!
Smartie, me! me! me! in the Group Ring - awarded PG2
East Kent C.S. Open Show November 2008

Henrix Dancing Snowflake awarded Best Puppy In Breed. (picture right)

Well done little Smartie. As it is Laura's birthday today we did not stay for the group.

Barking Canine Club Open Show October 2008

Bentley wins Reserve Best of Breed. 1st Open Papillon.

Bryn 1st Post Graduate Papillon.( Smartie not shown)

Bentley RBOB, 1st open pap, Barking Show 2008
Bryn 1st Post Graduate Papillon, Barking Oct 2008
Bentley RBOB,1st Open Pap, Bryn 1st PG Pap, Barking Open Show 2008
Bryn Reserve Junior Dog Midland Counties Champ Show October 2008
Bryn, 4th, Junior Dog Midland Counties Champ Show 2008
Judging in the Main Hall, Midland Counties 2008
Bentley shown in Limit Class at Midland Counties 2008
Midland Counties Championship Show October 2008

Congratulations to Bryn Terfel of Ringland, Bryn, awarded Reserve in Junior Dog.

A very nice venue and the first time we have ventured this far north for a show!

Smartie did not show today.

Southsea skyline from the IOW ferry
Bentley BOB and 1st Open Pap, Bryn 1st Post Grad Pap, IOW Oct 2008
Isle of Wight Show October 2008

A lovely sunny day on the Island and great results for Team Henrix.

Bentley takes the Best of Breed. (Good to see Pap Classes, 10 Papillons entered)1st Open Papillon. Bentley really enjoyed himself in the BIS ring.

Bryn 1st Post Graduate Papillon.

Sue and Bryn on IOW Ferry October 2008
Bentley - Challenge for BIS at IOW Oct 2008
Bentley in BIS ring IOW 2008
Dartford and Dist C.S. Open Show September 2008

Bentley looking gorgeous takes Best Of Breed.
1st in Open Papillon.

Smartie takes Best AV Toy Puppy.
1st in AV Toy Puppy

Dartford - Bentley BOB and Smartie Best AV Toy Puppy Sept 2008
Bentley BOB at Dartford Sept 2008
Eastbourne CA Open Show September 2008

Henrix Dancing Snowflake 1st in Junior Papillon.
(6 in class)

Good result Smartie! First time on a sandy surface.


Richmond Championship Show 2008

Henrix Dancing Snowflake awarded 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog and 2nd in Puppy Dog. Well done little Smartie.

A double Crufts qualifying result.

A fantastic result in spite of the dreadful weather and the ring being partly under water!

Henrix Doncing Snowflake 2nd Puppy Dog Richmond Champ Show 2008
MPD result Richmond 2008
Smartie 2nd MPD and PD Richmond 2008
Minor Puppy Dog Result Richmond 2008
Bournemouth 2008
Bournemouth 2008 Smatrie Minor Puppy Dog - reserve
Bournemouth Championship Show 2008

A very cold, wet and windy day at the show.

Smartie awarded Reserve in Minor Puppy Dog. Well done little one!

Wet weather at Bournemouth 2008
Bryn in the Best Puppy Challenge Paignton Championship Show 2008
Paignton 2008 Champ Show Bryn Best Dog Puppy, 3rd  in Junior Dog Class, Smartie 3rd Minor Puppy Dog, Bentley 3rd Post Grad Dog
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Paignton Championship Show August 2008

A very tiring but rewarding day at Paignton. All three dogs are now qualified for Crufts 2009.

Bryn awarded Best Puppy Dog.

Bryn placed 3rd in Junior Dog. He was an unbeaten puppy so went forward to the challenge and won Best Dog Puppy.

Smartie, not on his best behaviour, was 3rd in Minor Puppy Dog.

Bentley placed 3rd in Post Graduate Dog.



Bryn practising for shows in the walled garden of a nearby stately home, July 2008
Bentley BOB and G4 Clackton July 2008
Bentley 4th in Toy group Clackton Open Show July 2008
Clackton, Bentley G4 and BOB, July 2008
Clackton Open Show July 2008.

Bentley Best of Breed and 4th in the Toy Group. 1st in Open Papillon. 27 Papillons entered.

A very windy and cold day in Suffolk but the results made up for this!

Smartie 3rd in AV Minor Puppy under breed specialist judge David Roe.


3rd Toy Group Ashford Faversham & Dist Jan 2008


Henrix Papillons

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