If you are interested in having a puppy from us in the future please contact us on the number above or email.

Should you prefer to give a loving home to an older papillon please contact us for more information about availability as we may have a retired show papillon looking for a pet home.

We only rehome our papillons if we feel they will readily adjust and make a super companion. 


Puppies are 8 weeks old.

Sugar and Crunchie have had the first vaccinations now and will soon be able to go out and about more.




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Welcome to our puppy page. click here for the latest 2013 litter

Sorry we have no papillon puppies or adults available. available



Below is our 2012 litter. Two beautiful female red sable and white puppies.
We have called the puppies Sugar and Crunchie. Born in April 2012 both girls are growing up fast and we look forward to seeing how they turn into beautiful butterflies!
Crunchie and Sugar are now fully vaccinated and passed the vet checks.

Soon they will start Ring Craft classes and lead training.

Both are developing nicely and we look forward to seeing how they progress.

Crunchie is very strong willed and Sugar is more laid back.

Both puppies spend time getting to know our other papillons.



Our 2012 puppies are now 3 months old and looking very sweet!

Picture left is Crunchie - Henrix Krispy Kandy Kisses

Picture right is Sugar - Henrix Kookie Kream Kisses

They are getting on well going for short walks on the lead.

Both girls will be starting Ring Craft this week and learning how to be show girls!



Puppies have started lead training and enjoy going out and about.

Both are full of energy and never stop rushing around.

They spend time out with the other dogs now and seem to be getting on well.

Bentley likes having 2 more girls in his pack,

They will soon be 3 months old. Time flies!

Above is Crunchie.      Right is Sugar.

Above and above left is Crunchie. Above right is Sugar.

Crunchie is now in a super pet home with 3 other Papillons.

Good Luck sweetie!

Sugar is now living in Guernsey and having a lovely time with Beth.


Henrix Kookie Kream Kisses, Sugar, now 3 months old and already looking like a little star!

She is a enjoying her training and did very well at her first ring craft class last week .

Looking forward to taking her in the show ring next year!

Henrix Krispy Kandy Kisses, Crunchie, far right, practising her stand - nearly there!

Both puppies are developing very nicely and look promising for the show ring.

They are going to London today to visit Goblin, Henrix Chocolate Kiss who is their brother form an earlier litter.