Henrix Papillons


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Barleybright Goldspink for Henrix - Pumpkin - 7th July 2005- 2015

Pumpkin arrived on Halloween, October 2005. She is a very affectionate lap dog. Pumpkin was not bought as a 'show dog' but to be a friend for Henry.

She sometimes goes to ring craft classes where she likes meeting other Papillons.

Pumpkin loves playing in the garden and chasing Henry.  She has so much energy and never refuses the chance to play fetch.  

The picture left shows Pumpkin January 2008. She is such a happy little dog and enjoys going for walks with Jon.

Pumpkins favourite toy is her green rope. She will spend hours playing with it in the garden. She loves to 'forage' in the flower beds looking for toys.

Chicken and scrambled egg are Pumpkins favourite treats. She also loves a tiny piece of cheese and onion crisp!

Pumpkin is very excited about her toy all the way from Portugal!

Sadly there will be no little 'pumpkins'.

Have fun in your retirement home by the sea!

Sadly Pumpkin had a nasty accident and has passed over the Rainbow Bridge, run free Pumpkin sweetie!




Pumpkins new toy from Portugal!