Henrix Papillons



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Henry July 2007
Bentley Jan 2008

Sue and Bentley July 2007

Jon and Bentley, Windsor 2007.

Bryn aged 15 weeks
At home with Bentley





Henry early 2006
Henry and Pumpkin playtime
Crufts 2008 benching area
Bentley arrives at his new home


Bentley as a puppy
Let sleeping dog lie

Pretty Pumpkin




Crufts 2008 Graduate Dog judging under way
Xmas Food Fight 2006!
Henry's New Toy
Can I have the bone mum?
Penny in charge of bones!
Henry and Penny Ju ne 2007
Henry June 2007
Poppy the 'lion'
Pumpkin and Poppy playing. Happy 2nd Birthday Pumpkin.
All aboard!!

Henry and Jon on the Stanstead Railway.


Poppy as a puppy
Poppy by the river August 2007
Watching the world!
Henry and Pumpkin palying

Crufts 2008 Bentley awarded VHC in Graduate Dog
Crufts 2008 Graduate Dog Judging
Bentley VHC Graduate Dog Crufts 2008
Penny and Poppy
Bryn visits Bentley for some show tips
Bryn at 3 months
Bryn,left, with playmate Poppy 6th December 2007
Bentley Jan 2008
Smartie visits Laura in Putney May 2008
Bentley visits Laura in London May 2008
Jon, Laura and Smartie in Lauras flat, Putney May 2008
Smartie has a ride on the Stanstead railway - June 2008
A day out!
Bentley enjoying a day out, June 2008
Bentley and Jon Aug 2008
Bentley and Sue Aug 2008
Weymouth Dec 2008
Sue, Bentley, Bryn and Smartie on the beach at Weymouth Dec 2008
There's another ball here somewhere!
Jon and Smartie by the castle moat, Arundel May 2009
Arundel castle
Arundel castle gate May 2009
Arundel May 2009
Jonand Smartie Arundel High Street May 2009
Sue and Mia by the moat at Arundel castle May 2009
Jon, Sue, Mia and Smartie have a day out at Arundel, May 2009.
Mia and Smartie visit Stanstead House and Gardens.

They ride on the railway!

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Smartie on the train