Bryn Terfel of Ringland ShCM - Bryn
Retired but still here
Henrix Dancing Snowflake - Smartie - - now retired but still living with us.
Red Bequest Ur Ringlands ShCM - Bentley - now retired but still living with us. Pack leader.
Coffee Ice Cream Forussi at Henrix - Rambo
Feorlig Jazz n Razz - Henry - our first pet papillon and still full of life, living with us.


Henrix Papillons







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Painted King Forussi at Henrix - Felix
Never Let Me Go Forussi at Henrix - Asher
Lennox Vive Vanette at Henrix - Lennox
Bryn at just 2 years of age - August 2009
Meet 'the boys'. Click on Photo for more details.

Henry was our first pet papillon who came to us in 2004. He was a P.A.T. dog for a while, visiting residents of a home for the elderly.
Bentley is the Alpha male and pack leader. Bryn and Smartie are the teenagers and Henry keeps the young boys in order.

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